In commemoration of Singapore Bicentennial, 200 runners collectively challenged themselves to clock 2,000 kilometers within 200 hours for Relay Majulah and in support of President's Challenge.


The 200 runners represent Singaporeans from all walks of life, each with a different life story that inspires, yet the same community spirit. Together, we hope to lift one another up and rise as a community and a nation.


The runners took on the challenge of raising funds for the 67 charities supported by President's Challenge. 100% of all donations received went to the charities. 

Successfully raised $1.6 million
Singapore Book of Records for the Longest Distance Covered consecutively by 200 athletes in 200 hours.
A top cheque was presented amongst fundraisers during the President's Star Charity 2019 Live Show.
Longest distance covered; 200KM

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