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Adrian's Story

Adrian Oh created a name for himself when he skateboarded across the world for 2 years. He started this adventure on 11th February in 2017 and has since traversed over 6,500km across Asia and parts of Europe, including the Netherlands and Germany. He continued his journey across the European continent all the way to Argentina, the southernmost tip of the South American continent. 

Ditching his skate for the Relay Majulah, his motto remains: just screw it, and do it. “The longer you procrastinate, the [more likely] it will be never be done. Taking the first step is often most difficult, but once you make your first step, I assure you [that] your journey isn’t as tough as it seems.”

Adrian is running for Relay Majulah and is seeking your donations to help the 67 charitable organizations supported by the President’s Challenge.

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