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Albert's Story

Albert Ching is the CEO of Singapore Cancer Society and President of YMCA of Singapore. His giving journey started with him  joining The Boys' Brigade during his Secondary School. Till this very day, he has been blessed with many "angels" who have made significant impact on his life. Putting his Christian faith into action, his first job was with The Boys' Brigade in Singapore; and for the past 25 over years, he has been working full-time in the social service sector, in organisations like YMCA, National Council of Social Service and Singapore Cancer Society, serving the underprivileged and marginalised. 


He shares that - many like him, greatly benefit from many helping hands. He hopes that through his involvement in this Relay, he can pay it forward. President's Challenge, to him is about celebrating our common duty and about looking outwards to help our "neighbours" at a time when the global trend is for nations to turn inwards. He is honoured to participate in Relay Majulah, in support of the President's Challenge and a campaign which strives to nurture this spirit of outward sacrificial giving, especially to those in our Singapore family who might be left behind in our pursuit of progress.

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