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Banjamin's Story

Banjamin Quek is currently a full-time tutor and an aspiring engineer in the near future. He is a long-distance runner and he hopes to be able to help the needy through running. He has a few friends who are joining this relay and he looks forward to running alongside them. Banjamin is grateful to be able to play his part in raising awareness that there are many people who are struggling to make ends meet.


He hopes to inspire more people to help others. Most importantly, he hopes that the less fortunate will be able to receive the help they need. One of his proudest moments would be his trip to Kenya for 3 months on his own accord to train. He would never imagine himself doing that 3 years ago. However, he always wanted to take the path less taken and is glad that he has the courage to do so. It was a pretty lonely journey as he had to work as a private tutor while juggling with training commitments. A year on, he managed to save sufficiently to get there. He hopes to encourage everyone to chase their dreams and to not give up in times of adversities.

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