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Alexis's Story

Alexis has an impressive running log; She started running at a young age and got hooked on to the sport of trailing/ ultrarunning. She quips: "I love the scenic grandeur that these races take me to and the encounters with immensely strong, kind and sacrificial individuals along the race journeys.”

In 2005, when she was just 19, she completed a 250km ultramarathon in the Gobi Desert in June 2015 and received the “Spirit Award” in recognition of her tenacity and resilience as the youngest participant. She also raised $15,864.60 for Riding for the Disabled Association of Singapore - a charity that provides free horse-riding therapy sessions for persons with disabilities. Mixing her passion for running and her compassionate nature, she completed 50km mountain ultramarathon in Qingdao (China) in May 2017 to raise RMB$16,000 for Walk Into Life and Learn Foundation (WILL)'s learning centre for disabled orphans.

Alexis has also been fiercely passionate about the agriculture industry since young. She would spend university breaks volunteering on farms in semi-rural regions in Asia such as Japan, Korea, China and Thailand to better understand the realities in the agriculture value chain. She documents her learnings and her journey on her writing medium: Grubby Tales. She currently works as an urban farmer at Edible Garden City - an urban farming social enterprise and runs the operations at various farm locations to support the food production arm in Edible Garden.

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