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Alvin's Story

Alvin grew up in an environment where resources were scarce and he had to work hard to achieve what he wanted in life. Eventually, Alvin's health took a decline due to his constant overworking. His weakening health encouraged Alvin to take a step back to see the bigger picture in life and re-evaluate his priorities which are his family and his health. In a bid to improve the latter, Alvin started joining his friends for regular running sessions. Over time, he saw that running did not only help manage his health but has also improved his ability to focus and his efficiency at work. 

He is proud to be a part of the Relay Majulah team as "it is a very meaningful way to run for charity and, at the same time, commemorate Singapore's Bicentennial". This will be the first time he is participating in an event of such a scale. He hopes that his participation can inspire people around him to lead a healthy lifestyle and contribute more to people who need help. 

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