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Andy's Story

Running transformed Andy's life - For a period, he used to lead a sedentary lifestyle but one day he got a wake-up call when he experienced health issues from being so unfit. These health warnings made him realise that he has to do something to get himself active again because if “there is no Health, there will be No Wealth”. 

He started by running 5km daily because it is a simple form of exercise with the only requirement being a pair of running shoes. He achieved his initial fitness goal of becoming fit and lean by running. But as his passion for running grew and he began to join external running clubs like SAFRA Mount Faber Running Club to improve his running. Motivated by his success of completing marathons, Andy decided to push himself further and took part in extreme endurance races like ultra-marathons. These 100km runs are not for the faint-hearted and are never easy despite the rigorous training but what kept him going was ”Mind over Body”; to use sheer will-power to complete something that he has started. 

Andy is thankful to be a part of Relay Majulah as it brings back wonderful memories of the ultra-marathon races that he enjoyed thoroughly with the awesome group of friends that supported him throughout the journey. Being able to participate in this nationwide relay and to run for a good cause gives him a great sense of satisfaction for him. 

Through Relay Majulah, Andy hopes to give back to the community in the same way that he has benefited. From a non-runner to an avid runner and then to making a name for himself in the local running scene, Andy is proud of how far he has come and hopes that his story will inspire others to get active through running.

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