Aniyutharan's Story

Aniyutharan will be representing the Institute of Technological Education (ITE) and is presently a student there. 

When he first started running, Aniyutharan was rather indifferent to it. He did not uncover his passion for running until he was 16 when his coach, Mr Maran, recognized his potential and urged him to develop his talent. He heeded the advice from Mr Maran and joined the Track and Field team in ITE West training under the guidance of Mr Quek, a professional coach that preaches tough love. Despite the gruelling training, Aniyutharan was determined to perservere, giving him the strength and courage to rise to the challenge to win various running medals. 

Running has given him drive and ambition, and he wants to continue pushing himself to achieve more than he did yesterday. He is thankful for all the people who has helped him throughout his journey. Aniyutharan compares himself to tiny seed that grows into a large tree and is finally beginning to bare fruits. 

Aniyutharan is geared for Relay Majulah and aims to push himself to run his personal best to raise funds for the President's Challenge.

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