Annie's Story

To some, running is just another form of sport or exercise. To others, it is their way to catch the MRT or the bus before it leaves. But to Annie Teo, running is more than that. It is a way to liberate herself from her stressful work life, to enjoy the never-ending thrill of exploring new trails wherever she runs.


Annie started running marathons when she was an undergraduate, back when marathons were as simple as running from point A to point B. With the advancements of technology, we are very fortunate to have all the knowledge and sports technology accessible to us, to help fulfil the dream of successfully completing a marathon. However, still, there are people who are unable to do so due to various unfortunate circumstances, youths being deprived of the ability to run. And as a passionate runner, her heart bleeds out to them. As such, she hopes the funds raised from Relay Majulah will go towards helping the disabled and finding a new breakthrough for them. And for those able-bodied youths out there, the next generation, Annie hopes that she can inspire them to come and run. Run not because you can, but for those who cannot. She hopes everyone will support her in making a change.

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