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Anthon's Story

Anthon Foo, now semi-retired after an extensive career as an IT specialist, is looking forward to participating in Relay Majulah to foster and spread the spirit of being a Singaporean. He sees no age limi to running, and “runs” the talk too. Anthon recalls that when he turned 50, he made a personal resolution to pursue a healthy lifestyle, and took to jogging as this was something he could do anytime and anywhere. As the runs became more regular, Anthon got stronger and even started participating in local marathons. He had made good progress; he is consistently the leader for his age category at the Standard Chartered Marathons. Anthon is also a member of the SAFRA running group since 2018. 

But the journey was not all smooth sailing for Anthon. A few years ago, after a medical review, his doctor advised him against running due to a heart murmur. Despite his doctor’s advice, Anthon persevered with running which has actually help improve his health. 

Anthon says that he “just loves to run, and want to live life to the fullest”. It is all about not giving up and to overcome ups and downs in life. He wants to rally like minded Singaporeans through runs, and foster the Singapore spirit as well as to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

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