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Liew (Dr)

Ashley's Story

Dr Ashley Liew, a Doctor of Chiropractic and national marathoner, has a noble yet humble purpose in life: to give, love, and serve out of his own abundance. He hopes to fulfill this purpose through participating in Relay Majulah and looks forward to celebrating the triumph of the human spirit, all for a good cause in the community. 

Admittedly, running 20km in less than 2 hours will not be a physical challenge for this aspiring Olympian marathoner as it is akin to brushing teeth for him - something he cannot do without on a daily basis. But he finds many others that will be transcending their own challenges to complete their relay leg inspiring. 

Dr. Liew is proud to be a Singaporean. After living abroad for studies and travelling the world for races, he can honestly call Singapore his ‘home’ and has grown to appreciate how blessed we are to be living here. 

He is inspired by the strength of his late mother and will be channeling that very strength during the toughest parts of the race. Through Relay Majulah, Dr. Liew hopes to inspire others in a small way, just as she had inspired the community during her fruitful life. 

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