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Bennett's Story

Bennett Neo, CEO of Saigon Beer-Alcohol-Beverage Corporation (Sabeco), Vietnam and also Relay Majulah's Co-Chairman, is no stranger to doing good. He was ex-Chairman of Migrant Workers Assistance Fund and Domestic Employee’s Welfare Fund. Currently sitting on the board of NKF, he is running in Relay Majulah to help raise awareness of the fact that there are many amongst us that need help, to inspire more people to come forward to contribute in any way they can and to see people from all walks of life across Singapore work together towards this worthy cause.

Sports has been a big part of Bennett's life, he represented the school in various sports in his school days, was captain of the football team in secondary school and captain of canoeing team in JC.  He was the national champion in canoeing from 1989 to 1993 and represented Singapore in many Asian events, including the 1990 Asian Games. He also represented his army unit in rugby and dragon boat. Through the years, he contributed to the sport of canoeing by coaching the Hwa Chong JC, Kallang Sea Sports Club, NTU and National team. These days, while he prefers mountain trekking and climbing, he runs for cardiovascular fitness, and in this case, for a great cause that he believes in. 

For someone who has lived abroad for more than a decade, (he is currently based in Vietnam), he is proud of Singapore's history, its immigrant make-up and diverse cultures, the struggles it went through in nation-building, its capable government and the success in Singapore's development.

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