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Ben's Story

Ben Swee's passion for running began shortly after being enlisted in the Army in 1996, leading him to commence a journey which has seen him complete over 30 marathons and ultra-marathons worldwide, including the prestigious Boston Marathon in 2010. Fuelled with a desire for knowledge to improve running performance and a personal commitment to promote running across all levels of runners, Ben is a Running Coach certified by the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA). Ben is currently focusing on improving his current marathon personal best of 3hr 2min and aims to take part in the Spartathlon (a 246km ultramarathon in Greece).


Running is something that Ben Swee does on most days of the week, like a routine. To him, running is a way to explore the world & his inner self. Ben Swee feels that life is precious and every single moment makes life meaningful. By supporting this fundraising campaign, he is looking forward to help those who hold on to hope to live a life filled with more precious moments. He also hopes that we can all do our part to raise funds for a very meaningful cause as every contribution counts and it goes a long way.

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