Cantona s/o Muralithran

Ajit's Story

Ajit Cantona s/o Muralithran is a student in ITE College Central, and also serves as the President of the school’s Extreme Runner’s CCA. He is happy to represent his school by taking part in Relay Majulah in support of the President’s Challenge, and also being able to contribute to charity and helping the underprivileged. Ajit believes that even the smallest of people can make the biggest differences, as no matter how small, every deed eventually spreads and has a positive impact on the community. Thus, he is taking his first step toward helping his community, his Singapore, be a better place for everyone.


Ajit’s goal is to work for Active SG as he can connect with youths around the world through sports, and he believes Sports Singapore is the perfect platform for that.


Participating in Relay Majulah is a challenge for Ajit, as the other running events he has have participated in have far shorter distances, but he is pushing himself out of his comfort zone - for a good cause and a cause larger than himself.

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