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Ansgar's Story

Professor Ansgar Cheng is a Prosthodontist with Specialist Dental Group, and an Adjunct Associate Professor with the Faculty of Dentistry at the National University of Singapore. Running has transformed Prof Cheng, as it has not only helped him lose more than 25kg, but also brought him meaningful friendships with Singaporeans from different walks of life.    


Prof Cheng felt it was a great honour for him to represent Singapore, winning the Gold Medal for the 5000m event (M50-54) at the Asia Masters Athletics Championships in 2016, and come in 11th at the World Masters Athletics Championships that same year. He is currently the National Masters Record Holder for the 800m and 5000m marathons. 


Relay Majulah is the first of its kind in Singapore. Even though Prof Cheng is only covering 1% of the total relay distance, he knows that the other runners are counting on him while he is counting on them for the other 99% of the work. To him, this team effort reflects the nature of the saying "One for All, and All for One." 


Prof Cheng hopes that through his fundraising efforts, he can contribute to build a better Singapore for generations to come.

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