Anselm's Story

Anselm Chelliah joined the Singapore Armed Forces 21 years ago as an Army regular. He was an avid sportsman, playing basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis and many other sports along the way. Running and keeping healthy were always a major part of his lifestlye as a soldier. At the age of 26, his health took a downhill drop as he was discovered to be diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, which later became hypothyroidism when he took medication to overcome this problem. After taking a year to recover, he pushed himself to be as strong both physically and mentally as he could be. 

At 41 year young, he is a proud husband and father with 2 beautiful children. To set a good example to them, he encourages a healthy and robust lifestyle for the family. 

Anselm has been running Spartan races and enjoys the community and helping others understand the joy of keeping and being fit for life.

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