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Ben's Story

An ex-Navy Regular and currently a Marine Service Engineer in Survitec, Ben Koh had been obese since young, being a smoker since 2000 and indulging in any junk food he saw. In late 2012, Ben was diagnosed with high blood pressure. It was then that he decided to quit smoking for good. But his indulgence in junk food has not stopped, and Ben hit his heaviest weight ever, at 95kg with a 177cm frame. His high blood pressure got worse, and it was then that he decided to take up running.


Ben has never felt better in his life, with a current healthy weight of 69kg. His proudest moment in his life would be braving through the icy cold rainy weather in the Tokyo Marathon 2019, running his best marathon to-date. 


With other runners taking part in this Relay Majulah, Ben wants to let everyone know that everything is achievable if you put your heart into it, that the funds raised will help those in need achieve their very own goals in life. In Ben’s words, ‘They do dream big too and I hope I can be their stepping stone to their start to achieving it.’

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