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Brandon's Story

Brandon Ong is a Senior Officer in Singapore Civil Defence Force. He is inspired by people who overcome adversity to achieve success. He is also inspired by sports people who are steadfast, determined and courageous in pursuing greatness in their sports. He calls himself a proud Singaporean and he feels that it is amazing how our small nation has achieved so much, especially from such a humble beginning. He is grateful for what many of our pioneers have overcome and achieved.


Participating in Relay Majulah to run 10km in 1 hour will be a challenge for him. Although his job requires him to have a certain level of fitness, it is slightly different to the fitness required of a 10km run. In his SCDF journey, every incident that he has been activated for has been challenging. He wouldn't have overcome these challenges by himself, without the professionalism and great teamwork of his colleagues. Likewise, through his participation in Relay Majulah, he hopes that our friends in need know that they \never walk alone and that we are with you, for you. 

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