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Betsy's Story

Betsy Chen is an Architectural Designer turned Flight Stewardess and is now a Pilates Instructor and Studio Owner. When she was 31, an unfortunate event hit herme and she was left financially depleted, emotionally drained and hanging off the edge of depression. She felt lost in life and in total disbelief that she could ever do anything right again. She was in despair and sought help from AWARE and was hiding away from life for a good 8 months.


One day, she suddenly had the urge to attempt running. Even a short 1-minute run then would leave her heavily panting but she persevered through, and started finding back strength and confidence as she fought through each training session with pain. Since then she has moved on to do 10km races and half marathons, clocking timings that she would never dream of. Running gave her hope that if she could continue running past physical pain, she could almost brave through her emotional battles. For Relay Majulah, she is running for people who are lost in life and fighting through ordeals and setbacks, to allow people to regain hope through running and finding back oneself like it did for her.

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