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Benny's Story

Benny has been running for all his life since he was a teenage and now in his 50s he is still going strong. He is a passionate runner; he has joined many running clubs in Singapore and made many friends along the way. Running has brought many health benefits to Benny, connected him with society and has enabled him to enjoy sharing the goodness of running with the community, to his running kakis, friends, colleagues and his love ones. 

Benny finds it an honour and privilege to be part of Relay Majulah: A network of passionate and people of all walks of life coming together for a charitable cause, forging friendships from diverse culture, race, gender, age and nationality, making a difference to society we live in.

He hopes that through Relay Majulah, we can raise awareness, not only the importance of keeping ourselves healthy through exercise, but also the importance of the causes we are supporting in encouraging others to play a part reaching out to those who need our help. "We, together as one, can always make a difference.”

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