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Bruce's Story

2019 marks Bruce Liew's tenth year working in the National Council for Social Services (NCSS) and in the social service sector. Hence, taking part in this relay is a gesture of remembrance, and of a fulfilling and joy-filled decade. 

An avid runner, running serves as a form of a mediatation for him. As a director in NCSS, his job is to "peddle happiness", nevertheless he is inspired by selfless people who extend a helping hand in spite of their dire circumstances. To him money can, indeed, buy happiness -  if you spend it on those in need. 

Bruce believes that giving to other just make one happier, it can also help lower blood pressure! Regardless, generosity on any level could mean the world of difference for some people. Hence, Bruce will be running in Relay Majulah to bring happiness to less privileged Singaporeans that require our support. 

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