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Chee Leung


Chee Leung's Story

Yew Chee Leung is a Chief Armour Officer in MINDEF and also the organizer for National Day Parade (NDP) 2019. He shared that it has been an incredible journey to organize NDP19, made possible only by a fantastic team, volunteers and participants.


There were many challenges along the way, but the team rallied together to deliver a spectacular show and celebrations - a special NDP at the Padang befitting of Our Bicentennial. Beyond the show, NDP he feels is ultimately about our people. He shared that it was amazing to see 15,000 fellow Singaporeans, coming together every weekend for rehearsals, and giving a little more of themselves to make NDP19 possible. And this is why NDP is always special, because it is a show by Singaporeans, for Singapore, for Singaporeans! Having seen so many Singaporeans give a little more of themselves to make NDP19 possible, Chee Leung is motivated and inspired to do his part, and to give a little more for Our Singapore! He decided to take up the challenge to participate in Relay Majulah where it is likewise, all about our people. Join him as we give a little more for Our Singapore, together!

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