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Cynthia Sze Hui 


Cynthia's Story

Cynthia Ong is a Salivary Gland Cancer Survivor. November 2019 will mark her 5th year in remission and, incidentally, will be around the same time Relay Majulah will be held. 

During her darkest period when Cynthia had to deal with the sickness alone as she did not want to worry her family and friends. However, she was able to seek comfort and purpose in volunteering. What struck a cord in Cynthia was how Singapore, despite being just a dot on the map, has made huge progress since her independence. It motivated her to realise that and she, even though a single person, can contribute to the greater good of the community. 

She might not be an avid runner but Cynthia will be challenging herself to complete her lap in Relay Majulah to help raise money for the 67 charities supported by the President’s Challenge in hopes of positively affect someone's life. 

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