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Colin's Story

Colin Chua is an Executive Director and Private Banker at Bank of Singapore. Despite the constant demands to travel for work, he also found time to be a running guide for Runninghour - an inclusive running club promoting integration of people with special needs through running as well as a regular volunteer pacer for Race Against Cancer - an annual race to raise funds for Singapore Cancer Society programmes and services. 


In 2011, Colin was overweight and feeling depressed over my ballooning waistline. Despite struggling to run initially, within the next 6 months, he had completed a 100km ultra marathon through sheer determination. Running also literally saved his life, and at a time when he was feeling depressed over his weight and health, running gave him a renewed sense of focus. 


Through his participation in Relay Majulah, Colin hopes that more people will step forward to help the less fortunate, be positive no matter what their circumstances and to live life to the fullest!

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