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Collin's Story

Collin Teo started running at the age of 15 and that is 34 years old ago. Prior to that, he was a teenager without a goal and purpose in life. 

Through running, he has learnt to set goals, create plans and work towards his goals. All the hard work that he has put in, moments of being defeated and victorious have formed a special and memorable journey for him. A journey that he is proud of. 


He would like to thank to Tan Kok Sing, Lian Huat Chye and Alan Ng who have helped him when he was young to build his dream and develop an attitude of 'daring to dream'.


Just like how someone has helped him 34 years ago, he believes your donation today in any amount will help someone build their dream and enable them to create a special journey for themselves and their loved ones.

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