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David's Story

David Chua is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Council (NYC) and Chairman of *SCAPE. Prior to joining NYC, David served in the Singapore Armed Forces for 22 years. His more interesting jobs include working across 27 provinces in Indonesia for three years as an Army Attaché and organizing the 2013 National Day Parade Show. He was awarded the Public Administration Medal (Bronze) (Military) in 2014. 

With his busy schedule, it will be a challenge to find time to train for Relay Majulah. But David is motivated to run to show his children and all young people out there that small efforts to do good and small acts of kindness, however small, matter a great deal. He adds: ”… despite all our flaws and failings, and whatever stage and station of life we are at, we should still make every effort to do good and demonstrate compassion in word and deed.”

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