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David's Story

David Shum, an avid runner and community coach, is running to support and help those suffering from mental disorders, including autistic conditions. To David, every run is a challenge that calls for immense determination and hard work. Beyond that, David also sees each run as an opportunity to review and chart one’s life directions. 

Despite sustaining some sports-related knee injuries, David worked hard to rebuild his fitness with the hope of returning to competing in local and international races. It was an arduous journey as he had to juggle training with other commitments such as family, work and social engagements, all while nursing his injury. But his efforts to retrain, re-programme and re-educate himself paid off, and he overcame his setbacks and challenges to return to his favourite sport.  

David is proud of Singapore’s achievements in building a  harmonious and peaceful multi-ethnicity society. In the same spirit, he wants to join Relay Majulah not just to meet and know like-minded friends, but to demonstrate that we support each other and are united as one.

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