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Derek's Story

Derek Ong runs a branding and marketing agency; and is also the Co-Founder of 'Life Beyond Grades' movement to advocate that results in school do not go on to define who we are in life. He decided to take part in Relay Majulah because it is a wonderful initiative where people from all walks of life come together to rally the community for 67 charities from various sectors across Singapore under President's Challenge. The challenge and questions he always pose to himself are - How can we create and enable progress for all Singaporeans? What more can we do for our society to become more inclusive, more caring, and kinder? 


Oftentimes, in chasing success and aspirations, Derek feels that we forget about those who are not as privileged as ourselves. He sincerely believes that we will be a better Singapore if we are able to do our part for everyone in society.

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