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Daniel's Story

Daniel Chia is 54-years old and is working as a taxi driver. Years ago, he could barely complete a 1.5km run because he had been smoking since the age of 16. One day in 1987, a friend brought him to MacRitchie Reservoir to run 5km. Unfortunately, he could barely manage 1.5km. He ran out of breath and had to walk the remaining distance. His friend completed the 5km and after that he laughed at him for not even completing 1.5km. He then told his friend that he would quit smoking and prove to him that he can do it. 


His persistence paid off. Today, he can run beyond 1.5km and has done several full and half marathons (to name a few - the Standard Chartered Marathon, Kuala Lumpur Marathon, Army Half Marathon, Penang Marathon, the recent Run for Cover 42-hour treadmill marathon, and the MacRitchie Cross-Country Marathon and the MacRitchie Ultramarathon). He is inspired by how beneficiaries of the 67 charities under President's Challenge overcome the odds to brave each day and would like to play his part to show that he cares for them and that we are with them.

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