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Dilun's Story

Lin Dilun is a living kidney donor, and his elder brother, Lin Hanwei is a living liver donor as well. They are both also very strong advocates of living organ donation and hope that more people will be aware of living organ donation. Most importantly, the Lin brothers hope that more will step forward to be donors for the many patients in need of transplants.

In 2010, Dilun read a news story about a little boy who was born with just 1 kidney, and it was malfunctioning. His mother gave him one of her own kidneys, but the transplant failed due to a rare complication. In desperation, the family put out a call on social media for a kidney donor for their child. Dilun answered that call, and after 2 years of various tests and hurdles, I gave 1 of my kidneys to the child. He is now 14 and living a normal life like any other teenager, save for the regular medical checkups he goes to. For Dilun, his quality of life has not been affected at all. Completing this run will prove that a living organ donor can and will lead a full life after donation and dispel myths and misconceptions about living organ donation.

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