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Ee Jay


Ee Jay's Story

Singapore has been a place that I have become more passionate and determined to embrace as my home with each passing year. When I was younger, Singapore was just a place where I studied, had a shelter and more than not, I was always complaining about how other countries were better than Singapore. As I grew older, served the National Service and reservist, started my career and my own family, I began to see Singapore through a different lens. Maturity and a different season of life taught me to appreciate the land I grew up in, her history and appreciate how we have flourished. 


Through my participation in Relay Majulah, I hope to inspire others to give, serve and contribute in whatever ways each of us can. No amount or effort is too small to give because every giving would add together to make a big difference for the beneficiaries. Do support and join me along in this campaign to give. We are greatly blessed. Let's step out to give and be a blessing to the needy.

- Chong Ee Jay (Digital Literacy & Family Life Educator, Focus On The Family)

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