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Elise's Story

As a mother of 4, Elise has taught her children that we can only love others when we are able to love ourselves. Self-love comes from self-respect which is built by trying your best in whatever you do. 

Elise survived abuse in her teens. These past traumas combined with taking care of the family and doing an 8-year traditional Chinese medicine course with limited support, led her to start running. She runs to destress but it has reached a point where running is simply not enough - she wanted to push herself further. She then took to triathlons but that resulted in negative backlash from her friends and family. Elise struggled to overcome their negative comments about her newfound passion by using her past experiences to give her the resilience to plod through. She is now happier than she has ever been in the past 15 years.

Running has brought Elise out of her shell and widened her social circle. By participating in Relay Majulah, Elise hopes that she can "use" her passion to help the less fortunate. 

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