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Esmond's Story

In 2008, Esmond Choo was diagnosed with TB. As the sole breadwinner, Esmond was worried if he would lose his job and if he did, who would take care of his family (which includes my 3 kids)? He had friends then who were diagnosed with cancer and he was very encouraged to see how they found and drew strength from within, remained positive to show the world that life can go on and that it is possible to overcome all odds.


There are many others out there who are less fortunate and who struggle more than all of us daily, yet are pressing on to overcome all odds and to brave life as it comes. This motivated Esmond to be part of Relay Majulah to play his part in showing his support to the community in need.
He believes that we can change the world for many in our community whom we love and care for, and do not want to be left behind. “Just like the 200 runners, each of us giving our best effort to collectively achieve more together, your donations will go a long way in making a difference in someone's life today.” - Esmond 

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