Evan's Story

Evan Sim is a doctor and used to be overweight. When he was giving advice for others to stay healthy and keep an active lifestyle, he realised that he was not walking the talk. He decided to start being active and started running. It was tough as he would be breathless even before he completed one round in the stadium. However, as he takes another step and then another, it all became easier. Evan believes that the first step may be the hardest but if we persevere and work on it, we will get there. That was five years ago. 


He ran his first marathon in SCMS in 2014 and since then, have completed about 20 full marathons. He is an active member of SAFRA Running Club and hopes to qualify for the Boston Marathon one day. In 2015, he was covering the Para SEA Games in Singapore and came across many handicapped athletes and he didn't see their disabilities. What he saw were their determination and ability to overcome the odds to compete and be the best. He feels that it is a privilege to be part of Relay Majulah and invite you to support Relay Majulah to make a change together.

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