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Fanny's Story

As a police officer, Fanny Koh has seen all walks of society, and therefore understands how precious and vulnerable life can be. She has also been deployed to disaster zones to assist in victim identification efforts, and has witnessed how victims and families could find strength and resilience within their community amidst the most trying circumstances. 

She hopes that in a small way, in peacetime, her participation will encourage fellow Singaporeans to come forth to show care and support for the needy community. Running has a special meaning for Fanny, who runs to keep fit and to scout the area of operations for major events. Her favourite route is the stretch of the riverside from Robertson Quay to MBS, where she gets to see a beautiful view of Singapore while running towards daybreak. The scene reminds her why she wanted to be a police officer - to protect a home that can be easily taken for granted amidst peaceful times. In her words as to why she has chosen to participate in Relay Majulah, ‘Together, we can make a difference in our community and safeguard this place we call Home. Every dollar counts and goes into empowering lives.’ 

A truly noble individual, please support her by giving your donations now! 

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