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Guo Guang


Guo Guang's Story

Corporate banker Chang Guo Guang is a former professional football player in Singapore. He has had the honour of being part of teams that won the Prime League and S-League in Singapore football. More importantly to him, he count himself blessed to have the opportunity to know great people (including opponents) and coaching staff who were part of the Singapore football fraternity.


Being a former professional, he has had his fair share of major and minor injuries and has also witnessed how football injuries can profoundly change an athlete’s career, psychologically and financially. To be able to overcome these injuries to make a comeback, one must have a lot of faith, belief, discipline and determination. These are the experiences which have allowed him to hone these traits which are also applicable in his daily life. Guo Guang is honoured to be able to do his part to serve our nation by representing the football community in Singapore to raise awareness for those in need. Inspired by life itself, Guo Guang hopes that through the Relay Majulah, he can contribute in whatever way he can and is looking forward to meeting other like-minded Singaporeans from all walks of life.

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