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Mohammad Halil


Mohammad Halil's Story

Mohammad Halil Ngah is a familiar face in the mountain sports field. He is a founding member of the Climb Asia Group that introduced Singapore to the first commercial rock-climbing gym in 2003. Climb Asia Group has since built and is operating 15 climbing gyms across Asia, from the Philippines to India.

In 2002, Halil broke his arm while training for an international rock climbing competition, but he defied all odds and return to training just two months after the incident. He went on to finishing 5th -  a personal best for him. Seeing how far he has come in establishing his mountain sports career, Halil thinks it is “time he gives something back”.

Halil pulled back on running two decades ago due to a sports-related knee injury, but he now looks forward to training and getting reacquainted with running with some good old friends. Preparing for Relay Majulah will not easy, but he is inspired to overcome this challenge, with “plenty of support and encouragement” from loved ones.


Halil is participating in Relay Majulah to inspire fellow Singaporeans to take on challenges, rise above them, and triumph over personal battles.

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