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Heng Kee


Heng Kee's Story

As the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health and former chairman of the President's Challenge Steering Comittee, wanting to do good for society is nothing new to Mr Chan Heng Kee, and his decision to take part in the Relay Majulah echoes this.

Mr Chan's work, especially with the President's Challenge, exposed him to a wide-ranging group of individuals who contributed generously, both as volunteers, as well as by being donors as well. Through the President's Challenge, he saw how many Singaporeans were inspired to help those in need, and in their own way, helped to build a more caring, inclusive society.

In his words as to why he is taking part in the Relay Majulah, Mr Chan says simply, ' Running as part of the Relay Majulah is just another small way for me to play a part in this bicentennial year.'. He adds that he hopes even more will support the President's Challenge this year as well!

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