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Hayden's Story

Hayden Tan is a Nurse Clinician and yes, he had battled together with rest of the healthcare sector colleagues at the frontline in 2003 when SARS happened, and Singapore pulled through together as a country. Hayden is proud to be a Singaporean and hopes to share with the younger generation his experiences to make them appreciate our country more. He also loves to share his passion of running with other people to motivate them to a healthier lifestyle, and of course, to run for a good cause as well. Hayden is an advocate for barefoot running! 


This year, Hayden feels blessed to be part of the Relay Majulah team to raise awareness for the social causes in our society and to raise funds to support charities under the President's Challenge. He feels honoured to be able to contribute to the less fortunate and hope that he can inspire more people to come forward to make a difference, together.

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