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Harn Wei


Harn Wei's Story

Kua Harn Wei is an Associate Professor in the National University of Singapore, professional researcher and ultra-triathlon athlete. A son, father and husband, he also devotes a good part of his life to community service and the sport of ultra-triathlon. With his triumphs and failures, Harn Wei hopes to share with others the beauty of sports and, more generally, the beauty in facing and overcoming challenges. To Harn Wei, being able to run freely is a privilege that many take for granted and he always believe that running is empowering and he run so that many more can be inspired to run with him as well. Harn Wei is proud to be a Singaporean, which to him means that he embodies the DNA of our nation Singapore & our people - the genes of perseverance and diligence. This to him also implies that he will defend & protect my country when our country needs him. 


Sharing his motivation to take part in the Relay Majulah, Harn Wei has this to say.


"I am excited to be part of Relay Majulah because of the charity component in the relay and the chance to be part of the team, doing this for the community we love and care for. Please join me in this effort to run to raise funds for President's Challenge. We run, so that others may."

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