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Hong Fatt


Hong Fatt's Story

Kor Hong Fatt started running at the age of 71. Today, at 87, Hong Fatt completed a total of 16 marathons and counting. With races like the Shanghai Marathon, Beijing Marathon and Boston Marathon under his belt, Hong Fatt proved that running is definitely not exclusive to the young and virile. 


His running journey started on March 2002 when Hong Fatt, at age 70, suffered a heart attack and was hospitalised for 8 days. Hong Fatt felt devastated and demoralised for several months and made the decision to do something about his lifestyle so he wouldn’t be a burden to his children. It took tremendous amounts of willpower for Hong Fatt to decide to stay independent and take care of himself and his wife. He turned to running in order to keep fit and to lower the possibilities of heart problems in the future. 


His best running advice - 

“Never fight an injury. Do not [put yourself at] risk [of] permanent and more serious injuries. “There's always next year.Serious injuries can be avoided by restraint and by not challenging your body to extremes. Listen to your body always. “In case you start late with your running, whatever your age, it takes about 6 years from getting started to reaching lifetime bests. By far, the biggest improvements are made in the first couple of years, if you get your training right, performance for the late starter can go on improving into your later 70s, as with my case.”


Through his participation in Relay Majulah, Hong Fatt wishes to show that running is definitely not limited to the young and virile - all it takes is enough discipline and determination to achieve one's ultimate goal. The benefits of running, as well as the principles behind obtaining said benefits apply to aspirants across all ages.

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