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Hoong Wei


Hoong Wei's Story

Wong Hoong Wei is an educator who spent a considerable amount of time overseas as a young child, attending middle and high-school with an international community. While it exposed him to many cultures and interesting experiences, he has always felt the warmth of home and sense of belonging to Singapore. He prides himself as being Singaporean and telling others so. However, being a returning Singaporean has its challenges as Hoong Wei soon realises that despite always considering himself a 100% Singaporean, he had to take time to find his identity and re-learn ways of life living in Singapore as a student and finally a full-time National Serviceman. 


For someone who used to detest distance running, ironically, running has played a crucial role in restoring his fitness and hope after a freak stonefish envenomation in 2010. Running has provided an otherwise introverted Hoong Wei with an avenue to connect with himself, God and the people around him. When he wakes up every morning, Hoong Wei reminds himself that he doesn't have to run, but he gets to do it. It's a gift, and there's no better way to celebrate a gift than to use it with gratefulness. 


Being a naturally quiet and introspective person, participating in organised events and sharing his cause takes Hoong Wei out of his comfort zone. However, Hoong Wei feels that it's a small challenge if it helps to create awareness for worthy causes and inspire others along the way while finding his own inspiration in the lives of his fellow runners.

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