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Hse Ming




Hse Ming & Ethan's Story

Hse Ming and Ethan are a father-son pair looking to run in Relay Majulah, Hse Ming is head of IT Soluntions in a large corporate while Ethan is an 11 year old student. 

Ethan's best friend, Matthew, was diagnosed with hearing loss when he turned three months old and eight months later, underwent surgery to be fitted with bilateral cochlear implants which sends electric signals to the brain and stimulate hearing. Matthew could only hear for the first time when he turned one year old and after six years of training to decipher the signals. Fortunately, Matthew was well enough to attend a mainstream school where he forged many meaningful friendship and Ethan is one of them. 

Both Father and son want to create and strengthen public awareness for children born with similar conditions like Matthew, and also raise funds to help them overcome the challenges to lead meaningful lives. Matthew will join Hse Ming and Ethan in the last kilometre of the run, and all have been training hard for this endeavour.

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