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Irwin's Story

Irwin started The Seed Initiative in June 2018 as a way to provide funding and mentoring for any social project that are looking to make a positive impact in our world. It is his own way of giving back to the society that he is so blessed to be apart of! 

Irwin used to teach General Paper to 17 & 18 year-olds and discussed issues such as inequality, poverty and social justice in class. These discussions and teachings inspired him to translate knowledge into action and, thus, The Seed Initiative come to be. To date, he is happy and humbled know that The Seed Initiatives is able to support projects ranging from providing free tuition for low-income families to supporting mental health support groups; from using technology to bring assistance to rural farmers in India to mentoring groups on sustainable green projects in urban settings.

Through Relay Majulah, Irwin hopes to galvanise his kampung of friends, students and even strangers to give to meaningful causes beyond their own lives and take our nation into the future, together.

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