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Karen's Story

Karen's father passed on when she was just 4. Her illiterate mum had to single-handedly raised the family of 8 kids by operating a hawker stall. As the youngest child, Karen had to help out in the stall every morning sometimes leaving her with little time to travel to school. In order to save on bus fares, Karen often finds herself running to school to avoid being late. 

Her team’s failure during an inter-house competition ignited a fire in Karen and she did not let up. Her determination led her to uncovering her talent for running as she led her team to a podium finish during their inter-class shuttle relay. She continues to run today and even represents Singapore in track & field events in the Masters category.

Karen runs from 100m relays to 101km ultra marathons. In March this year, she was sponsored by Pocari Sweat to take part in the Tokyo Marathon 2019 with her daughter. Unlike her, Karen's daughter is not a runner, the marathon gets her out of her comfort zone to explore something new. 

Through Relay Majulah, Karen hopes that she will be able to help raise fund for the less fortunate as she is able to relate to the hardships they are going through. She hopes the less fortunate will persevere and understand that those hard days are not forever.

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