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Jackie's Story

Jackie's childhood is one unlike most we’ve seen. He met with a road accident at the age of 6 and suffered a right hand and permanent leg disability. He was in a coma for 5 days and wheelchair-bound for a year. 

Despite everything, Jackie doesn't let his disability get to him and now participates in various marathons, especially vertical marathons, to raise awareness about physical disabilities. He is currently a Singapore paralytics athlete doing track events and also is a Master of one-handed magic and cardistry. 

His reason for running in Relay Majulah is a touching one: “My grandma was always very happy when I brought home a medal for her to see after I completed every marathon. Now that she is no longer around anymore, I will continue to run for her and hope that she can see it in heaven and feel proud that the same never give up spirit she imparted in me, I will now pay it forward to help others not to give up as well.” He will be running to keep ah ma's legacy alive.

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