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Jaydee's Story

Jaydee Lin is the Managing Partner of a Multi-Family Office and is proud to be a Singaporean of a small but impactful country. He completed his University studies in a foreign language and launched his career in a foreign country without any contact or business connections. Still, he managed to somehow find his way through many difficult obstacles in life.


His motivation in joining Relay Majulah was to bring more awareness for children from vulnerable families. Some children were born in a wealthy first-world country, but many aren't. Some families are broken and it's not something the children have a control over it. Or some families cannot afford to send their kids for education or enrichment classes the kids might be interested in. This is something he would like to change if possible because he believes all kids should be given a chance to educate themselves and education should be the way to break a difficult cycle. 


He is very excited to be part of Relay Majulah in support of President's Challenge and be able to make a positive change in the lives of others.

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