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Jasmine's Story

Jasmine Goh a Financial Consultant and was very fortunate to be able to achieve her dream of representing Singapore in the 29th SEA Games in 2017. Yet, she believe that she could not have done it alone. Being a single mother and a full time Financial Consultant, she found it hard to commit to the training programme. Without the support of the running community, it would have been a tough and lonely fight to achieve her dream. She inspired by anyone who embodies the 5 Ds of success - Discipline, Determination, Dedication, Direction and Diversity. Tough times never last, tough people do. Hence, she strongly believes that 'when people come together, magic happens'. This relay will give her an opportunity to pay it forward. To rally others together so that 'when we come together, we can help others achieve their dreams'. Nothing is impossible and she hopes that everyone will donate generously so that together, we can help ordinary beings achieve extraordinary things.

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