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Jed's Story

Jed Senthil graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business and is the Co-founder, RunONE & ONEathlete. He spent the last few years in various outfits in the social and social enterprise sectors, including a stint in the civil service to gain exposure and hone relevant skills. He is also one who is motivated to reach out to youths through his acting journey with local television dramas, films, YouTube and theatre productions.


Jed Senthil was involved in the inaugural Youth Olympic Games and also volunteered with the SSEAYP International Singapore EXCO, SINDA Youth Club, & NYC's Young Change Makers panel. He strongly believes in giving back to society meaningfully, ONE step at a time. Jed is thrilled to participate in Relay Majulah where our nation come together on a momentous occasion to give back to the community through sports. Having overcome poverty during his school days, he hopes to give back to the society and inspire other youths to also give back.

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