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Jen's Story

Jen is an advocate of social impact through sport and founded Race2Share in 2015, an NGO that utilizes sport for change and social inclusion where she pioneered structured sport programmes for foreign domestic workers. She represented Singapore and Philippines at the World Merit - Youth Action Plan conference in United Nations, New York in 2016. She was also selected as a panelist at the UN Social Forum 2018 on Human Rights for Sport in United Nations, Geneva Switzerland in 2018. Jen is also one of the founding Task Force members of the UNESCO Youth and Sport Task Force group established in 2017, a network of young leaders that promote sport for impact. What motivated her to take part in Relay Majulah is the unique opportunity to be able to give back to the Singapore community together with the rest of the athletes who are equally motivated to share their time and effort to raise awareness on the various social causes. She hopes to inspire the community to think about sport as a powerful tool to create positive impact in the lives of other people and community. 

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